Legislative Decree, "June 8, 2001 No 231 ", has introduced new responsibilities for companies. The necessary prevention requires new organizational and control devices on which major business organizations (ABI, ANIA, Confindustria) have developed and disseminated guidelines and recommendations for companies.
With regard to the issues introduced by the legislation, c-Global chose to adopt the Organizational Model 231, comprising a set of rules, tools and functional to provide the Company conducted an effective system of organization and management ideal to identify and prevent conduct criminal law, enacted by the company itself or by the persons subject to its direction and / or supervision.

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Anyone who becomes aware of violations:

  • the principles of the Model and/or the operating procedures that make up the Model or in general of the internal control and risk management system;
  • to the principles of the Code of Ethics

must promptly report them via the digital reporting channel or through the other channels indicated in the procedure for the use and management of the violation reporting system available at the following link


The Code of Ethics adopted by the Cedacri Group collects officially and organic all the principles of behavior of group companies at the major stakeholders , targeting the various stakeholders on the action to be followed and those to avoid, identifying the responsibilities and possible consequences in terms of sanctions. The organizational model and the procedures adopted by Cedacri for the conduct of its activities shall comply with the rules contained in the Code of Ethics.

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