Business Process Outsourcing for your Organization

C-Global is a reliable partner for the design and management of vertical solutions, as well as of more complex and structured projects for sourcing selection and coordination, with a model in line with the market and based on methods that have been developed to improve operating efficiency and customer experience.

The variety of the services provided ranges from Back office management to Contact Center services and from Document Management to E-money services.

Specifically, through specialist back office vertical services, C-Global can carry out complex and high-quality processing, based on its well-tested professional skills and on its ability to provide value-added activities thanks to its sound management and organizational expertise. Contact Center services are also key, since they have been designed as an evolution of call center services and integrate communication processes and state-of-the art information systems in order to optimize relations with Customers. On the other hand, with its Document Management services, C-Global can deal with the entire processing of the material received, from its initial acquisition, to management, control, distribution, up to storage of electronic and paper documents. Finally, C-Global provides also E-money services dedicated to complete management of ATMs and POS, from hire, to servicing, from monitoring to data processing.