Services for the Finance segment

Thanks to its extensive technical and specialist skills, C-Global can provide a complete platform dedicated to the Finance & Securities segment of Banks, Investment and Asset Management firms. The provided services range from the management of Customer data bases up to the processing of the most complex back office activities. The main tools of this service are:

  • Securities data base: creation and management of dataset of financial instruments and the relevant Issuers, control of proper data base feeding with price/measurement flows coming from Info-providers;
  • Management of internal transfers (between the Bank's dossiers) and external ones (from and to counterparties);
  • Management of depositaries: checking of account statements and proper management of separation between proprietary securities and third parties' ones;

  • Events on government securities and bonds: full management of coupon dividends, amortization/extractions, repayment, exercise of options;
  • Events on stocks and other equity securities: with reference to dividends, share capital increases/stock splits/reverse stock splits, tender offers/public offering/subscription public offering, conversions, exercise of warrants and covered warrants;
  • Administrative activities on mutual funds and SICAV (investment company with variable capital);
  • Management of settlements with counterparties;
  • Accounting management;
  • Tax management;
  • Management of subscription, switches and divestment of asset management and insurance investment products.