The services for the management of ATMs and POS include all activities for the installation, management and servicing of hardware and software for card payments. The typical functions of ATM and POS terminals (withdrawals and payments with debit and credit cards) are combined with phone recharges, recharges of prepaid cards and the new evolved services for cash and cheques deposits.

C-Global can design and administer a sophisticated and efficient service platform for full management of POS (Point of Sale) Operations to be provided to customer shops and ATM networks. By adopting C-Global services, the customer Banks can obtain significant advantages:

  • synergies and efficiencies in process management, by concentrating all E-money services (ATM and POS Terminal Manager, Payment Card Issuing, monitoring of payment card frauds) onto a single provider ;
  • reduction of stoppage time and times needed for remedial actions, thanks to the use of systems for automatic detection and reporting of failures and troubles;
  • tracing of failures and detection of problems through electronic recording with generation of monthly reports;
  • full independence of the structure in the fleet management, thanks to the integration with the Help Desk service.

Presently, C-Global manages a network of 2,500 ATMs and 25,000 POS.