Our dematerialization services are organized to manage materiality structurally, thanks to constant investments both in training of resources and in the development of supporting systems.
Operating procedures and KPIs are always shared with the Customers to regularly measure qualitative and quantitative service parameters.

The dematerialization process includes several phases:

  • Materiality preparation: taking charge, ticking off, opening and extraction of envelopes, preliminary checking, normalization of paper documents (elimination of clips, staples, etc.), classification by document type and preparation of homogeneous processing lots
  • Scanning: acquisition with professional scanners and use of market leader software for high-quality image generation
  • Indexation: automated acquisition of indexes through Barcode, OCR, ICR and OMR recognition, manual data-entry
  • Validation: formal verification and checks of documents, trouble management, phone outbound service for the recovery of missing data and/or documents